Bike Station Details
1 Downtown Berkeley:
2208 Shattuck Ave. 7am-9pm m-f, 11am-7pm sat, 510 548-7433
12 Fruitvale: 3301 E. 12th St. Ste. 141
6am-8pm m-f, 510-536-2200
3 Embarcadero: 298 Market St. 24 Hours, 510 536-2200
4 Ashby: 3100 Adeline St. 24 hours, 510-536-2200


BART Bike Stations are a safe and convenient way to park your bike while you commute. There are currently four locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Each station offers slightly different services, including valet parking, self-service parking, bike rentals, bike repairs, classes and events.

BART, Alameda Bicycle, and our partners strive to provide this low cost service in an effort to make commuting greener, safer, and easier. Send inquiries to: Learn more about BART Rules and Regulations for bicycles >

Check out this great video all about parking at BART!

Valet parking

Free and secure bike parking with staff to assist you in your commute needs.

24 hour access

You park and lock, we provide safe parking facilities for as low as one cent per hour.

Rent-to-ride program

Fully equipped rental bikes - 100% of rental fees go towards purchase.

Events & classes

Learn to safely ride in traffic, fix your flat tire, and begin bike commuting.


We'll repair your bike while you are at work so it's ready when you are.
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