Located at the following BART Stations:
Downtown Berkeley | Fruitvale | Ashby | Embarcadero
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Berkeley Opening
Opening Day at the Downtown Berkeley Bike Station.
Photo: Matthew Roth.

Valet parking

It's a free service to all. After initial registration, below are steps to use valet service:
  1. Remove necessary items from bicycle and place bicycle in rack at front counter.
  2. Take top ticket, tear in half; place larger half on seat of bicycle.
  3. Sign into parking form. It is important to include your full name, a brief description of the bicycle, and the last four numbers on your ticket.
  4. It is recommended that you keep an eye on your bicycle until a staff member has moved it behind the counter.

It is easier to park your bike when: unused paniers/baskets are closed and folded, helmets are buckled to the top frame of your bike, and loose items are secured.


Available at: Downtown Berkeley & Fruitvale

Embarcadero Bart Station
Bike Storage at Embarcadero Bart BikeStation

Ashby Bart Station
BikeLink at Ashby Bart BikeStation

Self-service parking

It allows users to access the station 24 hours a day (or at Embarcadero whenever BART is open). It has a low cost of 3 cents per hour from 9am - 6pm weekdays, and 1 cent per hour all other times. After initial registration, below are steps to use self-service:
  1. Place card in the slot and leave it in the slot until it is read. Follow the instructions on the kiosk.
  2. Please close the door behind you and DO NOT allow anyone else in or out. Everyone must check-in and check-out with their own cards. This ensures security for all!
  3. Once inside, you have 10 minutes to remain in the station. Beyond this, an alarm will sound and we will be alerted of potential security breaches.
  4. As you exit, also DO NOT allow entry to anyone. Even if someone is entering simultaneously, either let them enter and close door first, or you exit first.
  5. When re-entering to check-out, simply place card in the slot as you did when entering.
Bike Link has a 24-hour customer service line for all access-related issues. 1-888-540-0546


Available at: Downtown Berkeley, Embarcadero & Ashby

rental bike
Specialized Sirrus Sport

Bike rentals

All of our bikes at Berkeley Bike Station are pre-equipped with gear to use right away. Each model is customized, but most come with: lights, locks, flat-resistant elements, emergency gear, and racks.

Cost: $20 up to 3 hours, $35 per day, $95 per week, $200 per month

Available at: Downtown Berkeley


Your bike is your set of wheels, and we'll ensure you stay riding. Simply tell our staff your problems and we'll either perform an inspection on the spot or call you with an estimate. We will then fix your bike that day as you work or schedule an appointment for another time.

Available at: Downtown Berkeley & Fruitvale

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